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What to Expect from Individual Counseling

People may benefit from individual counseling for a variety of reasons (see my last post here). Anxiety, feelings of stress, depression, relationships, and past experiences are all reasons for seeking out counseling. Others may just want an objective advocate to help process emotions so that impulses don’t damage relationships.

One of the biggest hurdles that most individuals experience when contemplating starting therapy is understanding what to expect from counseling and how to know if you're making regular progress.

What to Expect

1. You can expect to build awareness around your past and current situations and how they affect your current mental health, life choices, relationships, and overall stress (#AnxietyCounseling #RelationshipCounseling #TraumaCounseling).

2. You can expect to learn more about yourself and how and why you react the way you do to certain situations because of your thoughts, beliefs, and emotions (#CopingSkills).

3. You can expect a non-judgmental environment and a safe space to process difficult emotions and experiences, including your identity, your family of origin, and your belief systems.

4. You can expect to process concrete, achievable coping skills that you can use in everyday life. These coping skills could help you build resilience around anxiety, stress or depression. They also could help you become a more effective communicator and meet your needs.

5. You can expect to achieve goals that are within your values, including having positive, fulfilling relationships, being able to stand up for your needs, and feeling heard and valued.

Individual counseling can look very different depending on the individual, the therapist, and the therapeutic relationship. My hope for you is that above all else, you can expect to feel respected, feel that your boundaries are honored, and feel in control of each session as we work towards your mental health goals.

Pivot Counseling, PLLC offers BCBS covered telehealth and in-person therapy for individuals struggling with Anxiety, Depression, Relationships, and Eating Disorders in Durham, NC. For more information regarding individual counseling, please go to, or follow us at or

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