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From Resolution to Reflection: Give Yourself what you Need in 2021.

As we begin the New Year of 2021, many of us may find it hard to feel motivated to create new goals or resolutions. Others may want to make several resolutions with aggressive goals. Still, 2021 will require us to meet many of the challenges of last year while remaining mostly at home. With everyone isolated, many are experiencing increased feelings of anxiety, hopelessness, and depression.

While "expecting the unexpected," was more challenging last year than in the past, 2021 still provides an opportunity to meet challenges in new ways.

Strong goals of change are often difficult to maintain; people tend towards habits they already know. Instead of starting with goals of change, what if instead we first reflect on what we learned in 2020? For example, we might have discovered a new hobby or a new routine that was enjoyable, all things considered.

Being mindful of new positive habits and lessons learned can provide a strong basis for things we want to continue into the new year. While these lessons may not be the dramatic changes many try with New Year's resolutions, continuing these positive trends is often a more approachable goal.

What have we learned about these reflections? In bringing awareness to the forefront, lets use these experiences to inform what we truly need in the coming year? These needs will greatly vary from person to person and may even look like extending compassion to ourselves by giving ourselves a break and adding more mindfulness into our daily lives.

Here's to 2021, the year of intentional reflection.

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