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Services and Fees

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Initial Assessment (60+ Minutes): $200
The initial assessment is the first session in counseling between a new client and therapist. In this session, ct is invited to give an overview of their current concerns and their goals for counseling.
Individual Psychotherapy (55 Minutes): $175 

Also known as individual therapy or individual counseling, these are the following counseling sessions after the initial assessment. In these counseling sessions, clients are invited to process their goals, as well as coping skills for various issues, including stress, body image, relationship counseling, anxiety, and identity. 

Family/Extended Session (75 Minutes): $200

Sometimes, it is beneficial for the individual client to bring a significant other or family into the session to process how their dynamic is affecting the clients life or to gain more support. These sessions often last at least 75 minutes due to the amount of people in the room and will need to be discussed with the therapist before scheduling them. 

Late Cancellation/No-Show (Within 24 hours of scheduled appointment): $110

Pivot Counseling has a 24-hour cancellation policy, meaning that if the client cancels their therapy session at least a day ahead of time, they will not be charged. If they cancel within a day or do not show up, Pivot Counseling may charge a non-refundable $100 fee. Look, it's nothing personal and businesses need consistency. 

Counseling Services


Initial Assessment:
$200 (60+ minutes)

Individual Psychotherapy:
$175 (55 minutes) 

Family/Extended Session: 
$150 (75 minutes)

Late Cancellation/No-Show:
$110 (if cancelled within 24 hours of scheduled session)

I accept payment at the beginning of the session via credit, debit, cash, check, or health savings accounts.


Hannah Daulton is in-network with Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina (BCBSNC) and Duke Student Insurance and offers monthly session statements for individuals who choose to utilize the private pay option for counseling services.
Please check with your insurance before coming to understand your co-pays, deductibles and percentage of reimbursements. 

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