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Pivot Counseling believes that each individual is capable of building resilience and independence to change their direction and achieve their goals. I support my clients in building concrete skills to navigate relationships, heal from trauma, treat anxiety, and live by their personal values. Ultimately, I desire for my clients to live a life consistent with their dreams.  

Who We See

Anxiety Counseling

Anxiety can show up as panic attacks, restlessness, worry, irritability, increased heart rate, rumination, and inability to concentrate. Pivot Counseling allows clients a place to talk about their problems in a non-judgemental way and build coping skills for stress.

Relationship Counseling

In the best of times, relationships can be challenging. Pivot Counseling offers individual therapy to process how to create and maintain a healthy, trusting, and meaningful relationship with oneself and equitable partnership with romantic relationships, primary relationships, and friendships. 


Trauma Counseling

Whether it was a recent one time event, a series of insidious experiences throughout your life, or even physiological reactions without a specific trigger, Pivot Counseling supports individuals in creating their own map of healing and thriving through their experiences at their own pace with safety and boundaries.

LGBTQ+ Counseling

Pivot Counseling is an LGBTQ+ affirming practice and offers a safe space to explore identity, boundaries in relationships, and develop a deeper sense of self. We also support individuals in building a supportive community according to their own values.


Life Transitions Counseling

As you notice yourself facing unprecedented challenges, including moving to a new place, pursuing higher education, starting a new job, engaging a new relationship, or deciding to shift personal relationships, Pivot Counseling engages in processing decision making skills, value-oriented direction, and appropriate communication through personal growth.


Body Image Counseling

We've all grown up with the intense pressure to look, act, behave, and eat in a certain way. Because of this, many aspects of our thoughts and behaviors might feel overwhelming and hopeless when connected to food or body image. Pivot Counseling offers gentle support to clients as they build awareness, understanding, and compassion for their experiences, as well as move towards a mindful relationship towards food and bodies. 


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