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Counseling Services

Pivot Counseling believes that you are capable of building connection, resilience, and confidence in your life. I support young adult clients in developing concrete coping skills for emotional, physical, and social safety in order to experience healthier relationships with themself and others, heal from trauma, treat anxiety, and live by their personal values. 

Who I See

Trauma Counseling

Traumatic experiences throughout your life can feel daunting, triggering, and at times, crushing. Hannah is an EMDR trained therapist who offers a safe, stable, space for clients to process their memories and felt sensations at their own pace while building trust in each other.

Relationship Counseling

In the best of times, relationships can be challenging. Pivot Counseling offers individual therapy to process how to create and maintain a healthy, trusting, and meaningful relationship with oneself and equitable partnership with romantic relationships, primary relationships, and friendships. 


Life Transitions Counseling

 Life transitions might cause decision fatigue, second guessing your own thoughts, and constantly feeling like you're living a "Catch-22" life. Hannah supports individuals in clarifying their own values, sense of direction and decision making skills while instilling confidence and a sense of trust in themself along the way. 

Anxiety Counseling


Anxiety can show up as panic attacks, restlessness, worry, irritability, increased heart rate, rumination, and inability to concentrate. Pivot Counseling allows clients a non-judgmental place to understand coping skills work for them, develop strategies to calm their nervous system, and identify resources for everyday resilience. 

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