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Pivoting Perspectives: An Introduction

My name is Hannah Daulton, and I am a professional mental health counselor in Durham, North Carolina.

What I Do

I'm a Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor in Durham, North Carolina, or, as I prefer to call myself, your friendly neighborhood counselor/therapist (#AnxietyCounseling, anyone?).

I've been working in the mental health counseling field since 2017, after having graduated from Appalachian State University in Boone, NC with a degree in Mental Health Counseling and a concentration in Marriage and Family Therapy(#TheMountainsAreCalling).

Who I Work With

I am passionate about supporting individuals in coping with anxiety, stress, relationships, depression, body image and eating disorders, as well as folx in the #LGBTQ community.

What This Blog is All About

In future posts, I'm going to bring you coping skills ideas, mindfulness meditations, and effective relationship communication advice, as well as some humor of the therapy world (#Anxiety, #Mindfulness, #RelationshipGoals).

What Do YOU Want to See?

Ultimately, this blog is for you, the reader. My hope is that after reading each post, you'll discover something new about yourself, build resilience through learning new skills, or at least, laugh (#LaughterIsTheBestMedicine). Send me a message here to drop suggestions for future posts!

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