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From Fear to Intention: Living Out Your Values

Fear is a natural and uncomfortable reality in the human experience. Crippling fear can cause anxiety, panic, and depression, make us feel stuck and worthless.

The human experience is never void of fear. However, apprehension may give insight to our values.

How to recognize values from fear:

1. Summarize three of your biggest fears. For example, you may fear dying alone.

2. Connect your fear with a value. The fear is often the opposite of the value, or as some might say, "the other side of the coin." In the case of "dying alone," bringing awareness to this may allow you to recognize that you value family relationships, close friendships, or connection with others.

3. Align yourself with your values. This will often mean that you must shift your thinking or behaviors to better practice your values in everyday life.

4. Avoid self-judgement. Living according to your values may often bring mixed emotions of guilt/happiness, shame/joy, etc. You are not broken for feeling negative and uncomfortable emotions. You are human and you are growing.

It is completely normal to have mixed emotions when we make changes in our life. Making changes to align stronger with your values will help you to be resilient and to build supportive, close relationships.

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