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Five Ways to Know if You Could Benefit from Counseling

Life is hard right now. COVID-19 has introduced unique challenges to people both personally and professionally. These new challenges have left people feeling isolated and COVID-19 has led to an increase in anxiety and depression cases by close to 300% since March 2020 (#AnxietyCounseling #DepressionCounseling). Additionally, many relationships and communities have been hindered, leading people to seek help.

Here are five ways to know if you could benefit from individual counseling.

1. Your emotions feel "out of control."

You've noticed yourself crying more often, becoming irritable at the drop of a hat, feeling like you're going to "lose it," or needing anger management for things that wouldn't normally bother you.

2. You want an unbiased, objective opinion.

Life is messy. Friends and family are often directly involved in your life, making it hard for them to offer unbiased advice. You may benefit from seeing someone who is "on the outside" and trained in giving objective feedback to your situation.

3. You've recently experienced grief or trauma and could use help healing.

Many negative experiences can create an ongoing impact which can be isolating. Deaths in the family, break-ups, or traumatic experiences can all be difficult to process on your own.

4. You want to process your past.

Longstanding family issues? Therapy can help you process them. How did your upbringing affect the person you are today? Therapy can help you find out.

5. You want to achieve your goals.

Training for anything takes practice and patience. Cultivating more fulfilling relationships requires awareness of yourself and how other people perceive you. Improving self-awareness can help you to grow personally and professionally.

Pivot Counseling, PLLC offers BCBS covered telehealth and in-person therapy for individuals struggling with Anxiety, Depression, Relationships, and Eating Disorders in Durham, NC. For more information regarding individual counseling, please go to, or follow us at or

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